Periodic table of Finite Simple Groups
Periodic Table of Finite Groups
26 Sporadic Finite Simple Groups
26 Sporadic Finite Simple Groups
Periodic Table of Elements
Periodic Table of the Elements
2D Slice of 6D Calabi-Yau Manifold
2D Slice of 6D Calabi-Yau Manifold

➡ Video: Calabi-Yau Manifold Animation

➡ Video: Streaming Information

➡ Video: Introduction Teaser

➡ Video: Introductory Overview to AlephTalks Mysticism: Where Science, Art and Spirituality Meet

➡ Video: The Philadelphia Experiment

➡ Video: The Philadelphia Experiment-Full Disclosure

26 Real Dimensional Symplectic Universe
Eight Space-Time Dimensions and Eighteen Compactified Dimensions
How Information Flow Controls the Universe
How Information Flow Controls the Universe
Information Blocks
Information Blocks
Unpacked Information Blocks
Unpacked Information Blocks
Simple Information Block Wave
Simple Information Block Wave
Complex Information Block Wave
Complex Information Block Wave
Electron Torus with Ten Strings and Information
Electron Torus with Ten Strings and Information
Matter Subquark 10 String Structure
Matter Subquark 10 String Structure
Besant-Leadbeater vs Babbitt Subquarks
Leadbeater/Besant vs Babbitt Subquark
Proton Subquark Hemispheres
Proton Subquark Hemispheres
Boson Torus (1: Exterior, 2: Cross Section, 3: Information Flow)
Boson Torus (1: Exterior, 2: Cross Section, 3: Information Flow)
Neutrino Cross Sections
Neutrino Cross Sections
Bubble Torus
Bubble Torus
23 x 2 String Columns
at Big Bounce
23 x 2 String Columns at Big Bounce
Mega Nodule Collection
at Big Bounce
Mega Nodule Collection at Big Bounce
19 Hexagon Side View
19 Hexagon Side View
Mega Nodule Hexagon
Mega Nodule Hexagon Column
Initial Mind Form
Initial Mind Form
Final Mind Form
Final Mind Form
Advanced String Formation
Advanced String Formation
Dark Matter Crown Chakra
Dark Matter Crown Chakra
Dale Chihuly Blow Glass
Dale Chihuly Blown Glass
Wolfram Ruliad Network
Flower of Life

Overview Lecture

Subject One: Foundations

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Charles Leadbeater & Annie Besant

There Is Only Information!-Ronald Cowen

The Case For 26 Real Dimension Symplectic Universe

The Man Who Invented the 26th Dimension-Claud W. Lovelace

Higgs Boson - Wikipedia

Extended Standard Model

Classical Electrodynamics

Etheric Electromagnetism

The Philadelphia Experiment

Resonances, E8, and the Monster Group

If Neutrinos Have Mass, Where Are All the Slow Ones-Big Think

The Evolving Quest for a Grand Unified Theory of Mathematics-The Langlands Program

The Geometric Basis for the Periodicity of the Elements

Leech Lattice-Wikipedia

Classification of Finite Simple Groups-Wikipedia

Vertex Operator Algebras -Wikipedia

The Polyhedral Tree of Life

A New Kind of Generalized Symmetry-Quanta Magazine

Alchemy and Mysticism

Alchemy and Mysticism: Secret of the Golden Flower

Subject Two: Mysticism and Science

Divinity School Address, Divinity College, Cambridge by Ralph Waldo Emerson

➡ Video: Nietzsche's Surprising Love of Ralph Waldo Emerson

Emerson's Gita: Krishna and the Tradition of Consciousness

Walt Whitman

Poetry of Walt Whitman

Emily Dickinson

Poetry of Emily Dickinson


Subject Three: Emerson and Transcendentalism

Ho'oponopono by Barbara Hall

Kabbalah Introduction


Tzimtzum - Wikipedia

Tree of Life-Stephen M Phillips

Sri Yantra-Stephen M Phillips

I Ching

From Stone Age to Eleusinian Mysteries

Eleusinian Mysteries

Jesus Interpreted

Christianity and Gnosticism

Mysticism and the Eternal Feminine

The Body Electric: The Road Not Taken by Western Science and Medicine

Srinivasa Ramanjujan

How Gödel’s Proof Works-Quanta Magazine

Algorithms: The Science in Computer Science

Persuading the Body to Regenerate Its Limbs

Subject Four: Mysticism East and West

Carl Jung and Psychological Diagnosis and Mandalas

Subject Five: C G Jung

Subject Six: Jung Pauli Letters

Subject Six: Synchronicity

Cosmology: Two Creation Stories

Cosmology: Ron Cowen

How Planets Are Made-New Theories Taking Shape-Quanta Magazine

What Drives Galaxies? The Milky Way's Black Hole May Be a Key-Quanta Magazine

Why This Universe?A New Calculation Suggests Our Universe Is Typical-Quanta Magazine

Subject Seven: Astronomy and Cosmology

Solstice Astrology

➡ Video:The Journey of the Tarot: How Major Arcana Mirror the Soul

➡ Video: Why You Should Read Dante's Inferno

➡ Video: History Makers: Dante

Keywords Astrology Booklet

Physics of Astrology

Jung and Astrology

Carl Gustav Jung Birth Chart

Carl Gustav Jung Chart Legend

Franz Kafka-Harmonics-Astrology

The Great Year

Subject Eight: Astrology

➡ Video: Lauren Artress on the Labyrinth
➡ Video: Labyrinth and Its History

➡ Video: Finding Meaning, Not Minotaurs: A Beginner's Guide to Labyrinths

Subject Nine: Labyrinth

Free Will, Determinism and Enlightenment

Multicomputation as a Fourth General Paradigm for Theoretical Science - Wolfram

Multicomputation with Numbers: The Case of Simple Multiway Systems - Wolfram

Charting a Course for Complexity - Wolfram

Space As a Network - Wolfram

Time and Causal Networks - Wolfram

Why Does the Universe Exist? - Wolfram

On the Concept of Motion - Wolfram

The Physicalization of Metamathematics - Wolfram

Visual Summary of the Wolfram Physics Project - Wolfram

Wolfram Ruliad in 26 Real Dimensional Symplectic Universe

Wolfram Ruliad in 26 Real Dimensional Symplectic Universe (PPT)

Subject Ten: Parallels and Intersections

Curated and Supplementary Reading

Basic Concepts

Fundamental Concepts

Search for Meaning

What Is Consciousness?- Wolfram

Solstice Labyrinth Walk Flyer - June 20, 2021

Solstice Labyrinth Walk Flyer - June 17, 2023

A Perceptual Channel for Information Transfer Over Kilometer Distances: Historical Perspective and Recent Results, H.Puthoff and R.Targ, Proceedings IEEE, 1976

How Physics Found a Geometric Structure for Math to Play With - Quanta Magazine

What Is Quantum Field Theory and Why Is It Incomplete - Quanta Magazine

Surfaces Beyond Imagination Discovered After Decades Long Search - Quanta Magazine

The Amplituhedron

Unitarity: Physicists Rewrite a Quantum Rule that Clashes with Our Universe - Quanta Magazine

The Complex Metamathematics of Jean La Calle - Quanta Magazine

Big Bounce Simulations Challenge the Big Bang - Quanta Magazine

Big Bounce Models Reignite Big Bang Debate - Quanta Magazine

The Peculiar Math That Could Underlie the Laws of Nature - Quanta Magazine

Mathematicians Transcend Geometric Theory of Motion - Quanta Magazine

Quantum Uncertainty Sharpens Measurements-Quanta Magazine

Entanglement: Pioneering Quantum Physicists Win Nobel Prize in Physics-Quanta Magazine

Researchers Defeat Randomness to Create Ideal Code-Quanta Magazine

Physicsicists Trace the Rise in Entropy to Quantum Information-Quanta Magazine

Why Gravity is not Like the Other Forces - Quanta Magazine

How the Physics of Resonance Shapes Reality - Quanta Magazine

What Is the Langlands Program - Quanta Magazine

Topolgical Chemistry of Materials

Topolological Materials Database

Quantum Gravity: Why Spacetime Is Pixelated - CalTech

Information, Physics, Quantum: The Search for Links-J A Wheeler

Edward Witten Interview-AIP

Buddhist Cosmology-Wikipedia

Massive Black Holes Shown to Act Like Quantum Particles-Quanta Magazine

Image of Sagitarius A* Black Hole in Center of Milky Way-Quanta Magazine

Life Is An Accident of Space and Time-Alan Lightman

AI Algorithm Foresees Chaotic Tipping Point-Quanta Magazine

Real Numbers - Wikipedia

Complex Numbers - Wikipedia

Quaternions - Wikipedia

Octonion - Wikipedia

The Octonions

The Mysterious Disappearance of a Revolutionary Mathematician, Alexander Grothendieck-New Yorker

A Mathematician's Unanticipated Journey Through the Physical World-Quanta Magazine

On-line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

What Computational Universe Do We Live In?-Quanta Magazine

How Computer Scientists Learned to Reinvent the Proof-Quanta Magazine

Mysticism and Art Interview transcription, Richard and Nancy Stodart

What is Theosophy

Bruce Cowen Enlightenment

Critical Essay by Marjorie Partch on Growth and Form

Critical Essay by Marjorie Partch Art as a Spiritual Endeavor

Critical Essay by Bart Stuck on Human Spark for Soul Matters

The Vision - Ananda Bodhi Acariya

Book of Job Overview

Harold Burr's Biofields

Morphogenetics and Bioelectricty-Michael Levin

Biology, Buddhism and AI: Care as the Driver of Intelligence, Thomas Doctor, Olof Witkowski, Elizaveta Solomonoya, Bill Duane, Michael Levin

The Computational Boundary of a Self: Developmental Bioelectricty Drives Multicellularity and Scale Free Cognition, Michael Levin

How Evolution Hacked Its Way to Way to Intelligence from the Bottom Up, Michael Levin

Sirtuins Impact on Aging-David Sinclair

The Great Conjunction - Wikipedia

The Pluto Return of the United States

Remembering the Planetary Space Poetry of Rhysling

Galaxies Used by Hubble Telescope to Measure Hubble Constant Dark Energy

The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-Wikipedia

➡ Video: Feigenbaum's Constant

➡ Video: Nonlinear Dynamics: Feigenbaum and Universality

➡ Video: This Equation Will Change How You See the World (The Logistic Map)

➡ Video: Is Our Entire Universe Held Together by One Mysterious Number, the Fine Structure Constant

➡ Video: The Mystery of 0.577-Numberphile

➡ Video: Who Cares About Topology (Inscribed Rectangle Problem)

➡ Video: The Best Pictures Ever Taken by Hubble Space Telescope

➡ Video: Consciousness is Not A Computation-Roger Penrose

➡ Podcast: Where Do Space, Time, and Gravity Come From-Sean Carroll with Steven Strogatz on the Joy of X Quanta Magazine

➡ Podcast: Reality is a Paradox-Mathematics, Physics, Truth and Love-Edward Frenkel and Lex Fridman

➡ Podcast: Physics of Consciousness and the Infinite Universe-Roger Penrose and Lex Fridman

➡ Podcast: Scaling Selfhood: Collective Intelligence from Cells to Economies, Michael Levin and Oshan Jarow