➡ Video: The Standard Model: The Most Successful Scientific Theory Ever
➡ Video: What's the Difference Between Fermions and Bosons?
➡ Video: Computing A Theory of All Knowledge by Stephen Wolfram

Charles Leadbetter & Annie Besant

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

The Case For 26 Real Dimensional Universe

Labyrith Solstice Flyer: June 20, 2021

Lecture Overview

Subject One: Foundations

Subject Two: Mysticism and Science

Subject Three: Emerson Slides (Divinity School Address, Bhagavad-gita)

Subject Four: Mysticism East and West

Subject Five: Jung

Subject Six: Synchronicity

Subject Seven: Astronomy, Cosmology & Astrology

Subject Eight: Pauli and Jung Letters

Subject Nine: Labyrinth

Subject Ten: Parallels and Intersections

Tzimtzum - Wikipedia

Big Bounce Simulations Challenge the Big Bang - Quanta Magazine

Big Bounce Models Reignite Big Bang Debate - Quanta Magazine

Overview Lecture

Supplementary Reading

Mysticism and the Eternal Feminine

➡ Video: How to Visualize Quantum Field Theory

What is Theosophy

Bruce Cowen Enlightenment

Classical Electrodynamics

The Vision

Critical Essay by Marjorie Partch on Growth and Form

Critical Essay by Bart Stuck on Human Spark for Soul Matters

Critical Essay by Marjorie Partch Art as a Spiritual Endeavor

Divinity School Address, Divinity College, Cambridge by Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Great Conjunction: Wikipedia

The Octonions

Octonion - Wikipedia

Why Gravity is not Like the Other Forces: Quanta Magazine

The Case for 26 Real Dimensional Universe

Search for Meaning

➡ Video: Klee Irwin - Is Reality Code Theoretic?
➡ Video: Where are the Extra Dimensions?
➡ Video: Is Dark Matter Real?

The Peculiar Math That Could Underlie the Laws of Nature | Quanta Magazine

Real Numbers - Wikipedia

Complex Numbers - Wikipedia

Higgs Boson - Wikipedia

Quaternions - Wikipedia

Mysticism and Art Interview transcription, Richard and Nancy Stodart

➜ 26 Dimension Space Time Matter Dark Matter Compactified Dimensions

Electric Universe Annotations

A Beginners View of Our Electric Universe

➡ Video: The Monster
➡ Video: The Double Slit Experiment
➡ Time does not exist: Carlo Rovelli at TEDx Lake Como

Kabbalah Introduction