Secret silent chrysalis
Muffled magical murmurings
Alchemy of resurrection
Within your gossamer retort

Beware bright flames
And collectors' pins
When you span your wings

The real Advent ~ ure begins
As you remember all your names

Who you really are
Who you always were

And what you came to do
Now that you are You.

~ Marjorie Partch, 1998


Archetypal Astrology
& Tarot Sessions 


Rev. Marjorie Partch
Jungian Astrologer & Poet


“Whether one consults Astrology, the Tarot, or the I Ching, the greatest gift of Divination {root: Divine} is not its ability to predict the future, following the default mode. The true power of Divination lies in
which catalyzes our unrealized potential. While we cannot control the prevailing winds ~ we can learn to set our sails. The better we understand our inner patterns and current cycles, the freer we become.”

MARJORIE received her training as a humanistic, Jungian astrologer and has been counseling clients for more than 30 years. Further studies have included Integrative Therapy, Psychosynthesis and Self Psychology. A longtime student and practitioner of yoga, meditation, and Kabbalah, ordained in 2006, Marjorie has also been a Level II Reiki practitioner for more than 20 years.
In addition to writing many astrology columns and other articles, she was a contributor to Simon & Schuster's Your Birthday Sign Through Time, 2002;
and a researcher and essayist for the academic publisher Gale Research.

See some of her entries here in the Aleph Talks Blogosphere.

While embracing the extraordinary maps to one’s character and given cycles of time that both Astrology & the Tarot offer, she believes that the actual landscape is the psyche ~ and that this is where spiritual transformation occurs. The mythic themes and Archetypes represented in the chart and and cards open the doorway to the great adventure of inner exploration.

Rather than giving a simplistic prediction, Marjorie’s interactive
style creates a safe space for going within, for spontaneity, for shift. Her emphasis on insight into patterns rather than prediction supports your highest potential. Learning to work consciously with Synchronicity enhances your timing
and the co-creation of your own optimal future.

As an artist and poet herself, Marjorie has a
special interest in the creative process.



In-Depth Relationship ~ The above, plus the composite and transits, revealing the relationship’s dynamics in time and its purpose. Facilitating improved under-standing and communication. Its unfoldment in time can be included. 90 - 120 mins.

Natal With Transits / Solar Return ~ The holographic imprint of your moment of birth shows your patterns, purpose, talents, and challenges. Empowering insight into how your chart is unfolding in time supports your highest potential.  For insight into events (past, present or future), and to learn to work with Synchronicity, to enhance your timing and maximize your opportunities. 90 - 120 mins. 

Reiki Energy Healing ~ Combined with any of the above, or on its own ~ the subtle yet profound healing energy of Reiki is effective in even just 30 mins. (prorated accordingly). Excellent “spot treatment” for specific aches and pains or stiffness; soothing for stress, distress, and anxiety: “A hot bath on the inside.” Gentle hands-on treatments can be as focused and brief (or as in-depth) as you desire, bringing deep peace and relaxation to your mind, body, snf spirit. Promoting health, balance, and well being, furthering and accelerating your own natural healing process on all levels, treatments can be in-person or remote. 60 - 120 mins. = $150 - $300.


Natal Chart Interpretation ~ The holographic imprint of your moment of birth shows your individual patterns and purpose, your talents and challenges. Empowering insight supports your highest potential.

Follow-Up: Transits & Progressions ~ How your chart is unfolding in time. For insight into events (past, present or future), and to learn to work with Synchronicity, to enhance your timing and maximize your opportunities.
60 - 90 mins. with Natal or Solar Return.

Follow-Up: Solar Return ~ The major themes for the period of your annual birthday cycle.

Standard Relationship ~ Examine the intricate and complex interactions between any two charts and the composite.

In-Depth Tarot ~ The synchronistic imprint of the cards provides a fresh perspective on the present moment, your position within your circumstances and relationships, and many hidden potentialities, through insightful guidance to support you in co-creating your own future.

Ongoing Creative Alchemy Coaching ~ A gentle integrative approach drawing on Jungian principles, Psychosynthesis, meditation, dreamwork, imagery, intuition, creativity (drawing, collage, writing, etc.), spontaneity and Synchronicity (Divination), and / or Reiki to facilitate your individual process of unfoldment. The Alchemy of Transformation frequently operates through Paradox: opening to what is perceived as “Darkness” ~ rather than resisting it ~ leads to the Light, the dragon’s treasure under the volcano, the gold within the lead: your unique Self. 60 or 90 mins., weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly.


Astrology Queries ~ Just to get a “taste” of astrology and your natal horoscope, or ask a very specific question. Your character profile, talents, potential, and basic patterns.

Tarot Queries ~ insight into your current situation, the likely progression of events, while suggesting helpful alternatives.