Secret silent chrysalis; Then ~
Muffled magical murmurings
Alchemy of resurrection
Within your gossamer retort. Beware bright flames
And collectors’ pins
When you span your wings. The real Advent ~ ure begins
As you remember all your names ~ Who you really are
Who you always were And what you came
to do
Now that you are You.

~ Marjorie Partch, 1998

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Archetypal Astrology
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MarjoriePartchJungianAstrologerFB Rev. Marjorie Partch
Jungian Astrologer & Poet


“Whether we consult Astrology, the Tarot, or the I Ching,
the greatest gift of Divination {root: Divine} is not
its ability to predict the future, following the default mode.
The true power of Divination lies in


which catalyzes our unrealized potential. While we cannot
control the prevailing winds ~ we can learn to set our sails.
The better we understand our inner patterns and
current cycles, the freer we become.”

MARJORIE received her training as a humanistic, Jungian astrologer and has been counseling clients for more than 35 years. Further studies have included Integrative Therapy, Psychosynthesis and Self Psychology. A longtime student and practitioner of yoga, meditation, and Kabbalah, and ordained in 2006, Marjorie has also been a Level II Reiki practitioner for more than 20 years.  In addition to writing many astrology columns and other articles, she was a contributor to Simon & Schuster’s Your Birthday Sign Through Time, 2002; a proofreader and copyeditor at Time Inc. and others; and a researcher and essayist for the academic publisher Gale Research.

See some of her entries here in the Aleph Talks Blogosphere.

Both Astrology and the Tarot are symbolic languages that tap into C.G. Jung’s mysterious realms of the universal mythic Archetypes, and Synchronicity. These arts inspire a sense of connectedness within a meaningful, living Universe ~ revealing a holographic correspondence between the microcosm and the macrocosm:

As Above, So Below.

Astrology symbol for Capricorn (is not a goat).

ASTROLOGY offers an in-depth view of your individual character, highest potential, and your “Soul’s Code.” The Synchronistic imprint of your unique horoscope or natal chart, or map, is like your individual mandala created by the solar system at your exact moment of birth, and  describes your talents, strengths and abilities, along with your challenges, with surprising insight and accuracy. This transpersonal perspective offers new approaches to lifelong patterns, and liberating insight into outer and inner events, as well as your relationship dynamics.

Astrology can also suggest empowering new possibilities as your chart evolves through time. Examining astrological cycles (past, present and probable future) enhances your timing, empowering you to turn challenges into opportunities to fulfill your unique potential.

Cycles of darkness and / or expansion can be explored in new ways, and need not be feared, resisted, or simply endured. Rather than attempting to avoid or just “get through” transitions, you can learn to value them as times of inner deepening. Enriching in its own right, the dark also invites new light and growth.

It is how we view events that is crucial. Learn to find the opportunity hidden within the crisis and the gold under the volcano.

As Within, So Without.

THE TAROT opens up the Here & Now, pointing out the potentialities within the present moment, seeing beyond the conventional sense of Time & Space. The likely course of events is reflected in the Synchronistic arrangement of the Archetypes depicted in the cards. This map of your journey indicates the probable outcome of a situation ~ following “the path of least resistance.” However, the Tarot also offers helpful insight and guidance, so that you can participate in a more active, consciously co-creative  partnership with Fate.

Following a brief guided meditation, together we examine the imprint of the cards like a dream, your own personal myth. Your deeper insight into hidden possibilities ~ including other people’s perceptions and motivations points the way to a new outlook on a given situation or problem, as well as larger patterns. This pivotal shift in perspective can suggest not only a specific course of action (or nonaction), but also a new way of inner being, and ways of relating ~ to life itself.

Our interactive dialogue empowers you to more consciously co-create your optimal future.

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