New & Full Moon Manifestation Circles

New & Full Moon Manifestation Circles

Moon at Dusk

Science is at a crossroads: After five hundred years of advancement, it has become clear that only a small fraction, perhaps 5%, of the mass / energy of the Universe has been studied, with the remainder called “dark.” This is not a minor problem, this is huge; with the best and brightest working around the clock to resolve it. The answer to this is found in the East and not the West, in Book Three of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali; in the Four Noble Truths of the Buddha; in the Tao of Lao Tzu; and also from the Middle East, in the Way of Jesus of Nazareth.

When biological entities meditate, they can approach a state of pure love and compassion over time and with practice. If they can sustain this in daily life, they can raise and lower their energy to resonate more or less with different archetypes. Walking the labyrinth is one modality of meditation, and as an ancient archetype in and of itself, its spiral structure functions as a portal to new opportunities and possibilities, opening up what Bart & Marjorie call “Synchronicity on Purpose.”

If birth data (including exact minute and city of birth) is sent at least 24 hours ahead, bonus individualized key words will be provided to participants. Brief “doses” of hands-on Reiki will also be available during the Circles.

Rev. Marjorie Partch, Jungian Astrologer and Poet, has practiced Jungian Astrology for 35 years and walked labyrinths for 30, receiving her facilitator’s training from Lauren Artress the same year she was formally ordained, in 2006.

Rev. Dr. Barton Stuck, Applied Mathematician and Physicist, holds a PhD in mathematics from MIT and worked at Bell Labs for many years before embarking on his own as a multiple-patent-holding high-tech inventor, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist in 1984.  Dr. Stuck is also a published author (see Google Scholar) and lectured for many years at Bell and for 50+ universities and research institutes in North America, Western Europe, and Asia, including Yale, Princeton, and Columbia.

A longtime practitioner of yoga and meditation, and student of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Dr. Stuck collaborated for many years with clairvoyant Buddhist monk, physicist, and published author Ron Cowen, on developing various thought experiments concerning the 26 multiple dimensions of the Universe. We will explore these paradigms in cultivating the Art of Co-Creative Manifestation together.

Cost$40 per person, paid in cash or via Zelle - Phone # 203.912.3528
Currently, classes offered at Yoga Shala Fairfield are as as follows:

New Moon Circles
7/15:  5-7 PM
8/12:  3-5 PM
9/16:  4-6 PM

Full Moon Circles
7/29:  4-6 PM
8/26:  3-5 PM

The Blue Lotus Peace Labyrinth



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