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How Information Controls the Universe
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Western science took a wrong turn in the late 19th century missing etheric electromagnetism.  Another wrong turn happened in the late 20th century missing the sacred geometry of Calabi Yau manifolds for subquark string theory in a 26 real dimension arena, not the arena of 4 dimensions of space-time or 10 dimension arena of string theory.

A Brief Summary (Followed by a Longer Exposition): The basic model is that sentinent life consists of matter and dark matter, as well as energy (yes, energy can be sentient!). Matter links to dark matter again and again to incarnate: as a person, a tree, a flower, a rock, and eventually the matter disintegrates or decomposes and the sentience or soul reincarnates. The matter, dark matter, and energy exist in 24 real spatial dimensions that are paired as real and imaginary parts of a three spatial dimensional space, so there are 12 complex spatial dimensions, while time has a real and imaginary part resulting in 26 real dimensions. The 24 real spatial dimensions have 18 compactified real dimensions: this may tie into the 18 finite simple group classes, while the 26 sporadic groups may link to the 26 real dimensions. The 18 compactified dimensions are broken down into three subspaces each of six real spatial dimensions, again paired real and imaginary dimensions; this suggests the Christian notion of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit, one for each of these three subspaces of six real spatial dimensions or of three complex spatial dimensions. The three compactified subspaces have 3, 4, and 8 holes, suggesting that the subspace with 3 holes are linked to the subspace of 8 holes, while the subspace with 4 holes are linked to the subspace of 8 holes, and the final subspace of 8 holes is connected by a hole to itself, resulting in 18 real dimensions being replaced by 18-8=10 actual dimensions, matching the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah with its ten sephiroth, with the subspace of 8 holes having only 3 actual dimensions and this is the highest level of the Tree of Life, while the remaining 7 actual dimensions are lower elements in the Tree of Life

Western science took a wrong turn in the late 19th century (missing etheric electromagnetism which leads to gravity, strong force and weak force in a fluid mechanics pertubation analysis of etheric electromagnetism) in a classical not quantum formulation.  The wrong turn in the late 20th century with subquark string theory missed that our universe has 26 real dimensions (eight subspaces of three spatial dimensions each, with each three dimensional subspace paired symplectically with another three dimensional subspace with all its dimensions multiplied by the square root of minus one, and two time dimensions one for matter and one (multiplied by the square root of minus one) for dark matter.  The fundamental role of geometry was sensed but missed: the classification of simple finite groups uncovered 26 sporadic groups tied to the 26 real dimensional space-time in a manner yet to be clarified, and the dimensions of the sporadic groups are linked to the 24 spatial dimensions to create the higher (and lower) realms.

The arena of physics for Newton was three spatial dimensions and one temporal dimension; Einstein showed a coupling between space and time resulting in space-time, and so matters sat until after World War II that something was incomplete.  Astronomy pointed the problems: Telescope observations of distant galaxies showed that as the galaxies rotated they had to contain far more energy/mass (dark matter) than was visible in order to continue to rotate with the stars bound by gravity to one another; Other observations of distant galaxies showed all galaxies are moving away from one another pushed by an unseen energy (dark energy) that expands space itself.  In the end the bulk of the energy in the universe is not visible in the three spatial dimensions of matter: perhaps the dark energy and dark matter reside in other dimensions adjacent to space-time, and are vibrating there?  To size the problem, if we assume that 1/8 of the energy in the universe is in three spatial dimensions, then (3/(1/8))=24 spatial dimensions contain all the energy in the universe!  This is in fact what Ron Cowen observed!  The extra dimensions (beyond the three spatial dimensions) contain the energy/mass that is vibrating all through the universe.

Matter has a ten dimension subspace with four space-time and six compactified spatial  dimensions; dark matter is in a symplectic subspace of ten dimensions with four space-time and six compactified spatial dimensions; bosons and neutrinos roam in all 26 dimensions.  There are eight subspaces of three spatial dimensions each, suggesting a tie to octonions and exceptional classic Lie groups all of which are tied to octonions.  In addition, there are 26 sporadic finite simple groups with varying additional numbers of dimensions that appear to be tied to the 26 real dimensions.   Conceptually the compactified dimensions control the forces in the space time dimensions of matter and dark matter through information; the six dimensional Calabi-Yau manifolds for matter and for dark synchronize through the final six dimensional Calabi-Yau manifold.

Information that coats the walls of all quantized space compartments as well as all particles is constantly scanning for changes in the universe around it, and controlling the fields and forces accordingly. Information (the algorithms and data) and time evolution contain all of physics.

Time has one component for matter and a second for dark matter.  Time for matter has a natural metric of i*c*t where t is time, c is the speed of light (meters/sec) so c*t has units of length or meters, while multiplying by the square root of minus one (i) rotates time to be orthogonal to the three spatial dimensions.  Time for dark matter is in the symplectic subspace to matter, so involves i*(i*c*t) = (c*(-t)) rotating (i*c*t) back into the same space as matter, but with a negative sign on time or time is going backward for dark matter.

Quantization of space as a quantum foam (in all likelihood a Wolfram hypergraph in 26 dimensions) with the walls of space compartments covered with information blocks (algorithms and data) constantly scanning surroundings for changes and reacting to the changes following a principle of least action while controlling all forces. This is the pilot wave theory of quantum mechanics due to Louis de Broglie and David Bohm,  with the hidden variable being the continuous scanning of information everywhere in the compactified dimensions which was observed by Ron Cowen to explain the double slit experiment of an electron stream traveling through one or two slits (one slit results in particle behavior, two slits in wave behavior).  The many world interpretation of quantum mechanics is correct: energy is used to pursue all possible outcomes at a decision point, and all outcomes are indeed pursued.

Fundamental particles are subquarks and strings (ten strings for matter, five strings for dark matter) and various resonances (for matter this appears to be tied to the 248 elements of E8 the exceptional Lie group in eight dimensions, leading to 248 resonances). The electron is actually a torus wrapped in ten strings; the body of the electron is a resonant energy ball, not material, more liquid like, ala quantum field theory.  The standard model for matter reflects that there are three holes in the six spatial dimensional Calabi-Yai manifold for matter, which creates three resonances for the electron.  Matter is characterized by the Dirac equation; cf quantum field theory as a better elucidation.  Dark matter subquarks have no charge; there is no dark matter electron; the chemistry of dark matter is subatomic: the subquarks bind together in trees and at some scale achieve sentience.  The sacred geometry of the Platonic solids governs the geometry of the nuclei of the elements of matter (cf Robert Moon). Electrons, matter and dark matter strings, subquarks, bosons/photons and neutrinos appear to all be fundamental building blocks of the universe, controlled by information.

Dark matter makes up the seven major chakras in the human body (cf The Path of Life by Ron Cowen with sketches of all seven chakras) , but dark matter is found everywhere not just in chakras: in the air, in plants, in animals on land and sea. Dark matter is quiescent if it does not have energy to draw on: Ron Cowen observed quiescent tubes of dark matter hundreds of kilometers long in space; when the dark matter lands on a thermally active entity such as a star or hot planet it comes to sentience.  Each of the sentient dark matter entities creates the archetypes that shape the personalities of all entities; astrology is based on the interactions of archetypes.

The seven chakras are connected energetically in the compactified subspaces by an eternal soul. Souls are immortal and have an energetic component that interacts with dark matter and incarnate repeatedly in bodies (of animals, plants, even rocks and water) and learn from this experience how to progress to higher realms, with increasing awareness of the entire universe, love for self and love for all around, and compassion.

Mathematics not physics uncovers what is fundamental.  As one example in etheric electromagnetism, there are two phenomena: the first is due to the information acting on the space time manifold via exterior calculus to create Maxwell's Equations, while the second is the fluid mechanics of spatial quantum foam viewed as a fluid or ether which leads to a new set of terms for strong force and weak force as well as gravity.

The Trinity of Jesus Christ is in three compactified subspaces of six dimensions each: the Calabi-Yau manifold associated with the son is tied to matter, the Calabi-Yau manifold associated with the holy spirit is tied to dark matter, and the remaining Calabi-Yau manifold is tied to the father who oversees all.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life has ten sephiroth which are tied to 10 actual dimensions (18 compactified spatial dimensions less 8 spatial dimensions due to connection between holes in the compactified dimensions).  There are 26 sporadic finite simple groups that have many additional dimensions (e.g., the Monster Group has 47*59*71=196,883 dimensions) that are conjectured to be coupled to these 26 real dimensions in a manner yet to be determined; many mystics talk of raising and lowering energy to move up and down dimensions; in the New Testament Gospels there are a number of instances of Jesus evading a dangerous situation by possibly raising his energy into a higher dimension and thus becoming invisible.

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