Mysticism East and West

Mysticism is global, at the four corners of the earth, in all ages.

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  • Mysticism East and West

Mysticism is global: at the four corners of the earth, East, West, North, South, and in all ages, mysticism is found everywhere in numerous forms.

In the East we find the Tao (the Way) and the Analects of Confucius, the practice of accupuncture, the Hindu gurus and sages, the Buddhist mystics.

In the South we find the African and Australian aborigine and South American shamans

In the West we find the Mayans and Micronesian shamans.

In the North we find the Sufis, the Essenes with the Kabbalah, the Christian mystics of Europe, the Cathars of Languedoc, the Mithradates, the Zoroastrians, and the Mormons.

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