AlephTalks: Overview of Ten Class Modules

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  • Mysticism: Where Science Art and Spirituality Meet

Spirituality, love and compassion in everyday life is dropping everywhere.  At the same time, science has realized that after 500 years, it has been studying roughly 10% of the universe, with the remainder called dark. Why are we here? Where are we going? This is our focus, where the spirit meets the bone.

Ten course modules address these topics:

1) An overview of all ten modules: why are we here, where are we going?

2) Western science: how  physics took a wrong turn (missing etheric electromagnetism which leads to gravity, strong force and weak force) , our 26 real dimensional universe, dark matter and dark energy, quantization of space, time is different, subquarks and strings, compactified Calabi Yau manifolds, information controls the entire universe/pilot wave theory of Bohm and DeBroglie, mathematics not physics uncovers what is fundamental, the Trinity, the Kabbalah Tree of Life

3) Ralph Waldo Emerson on the Bhagavad-Gita, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson and Rumi on mysticism: poetry, chants, music, dance, sculpture, painting

4) East and West: Egypt, Gilgamesh, the Tao, the Analects, Veddic scriptures, Buddhism, Yoga sutras, Kabbalah, the Way of Jesus, Sufism, shamanism, the Mayans/Incans/Aztecs, Australian aborigine

5) Carl Gustav Jung: his Weltanschauung and psychoanalysis, the Red Book, the Golden Flower, the collective unconscious, reply to Book of Job

6) Jung and Pauli: 1930-1957, Synchronicity and duality

7) Cosmology: the Big Bounce (NOT Big Bang), Higgs boson, the 26 Sporadic Groups linkage to the 26 real dimensions, strings and vibrations/dimensions, matter and dark matter

8) Astrology, Tarot, I Ching: the Great Year, the Zodiac, natal chart, archetypes, free will vs determinism

9) Labyrinth: found on all continents over the millenia, walking meditation

10) Conclusion: metamathematics as the foundation for metaphysics, space as a network, octonions and E8 exceptional Lie group and 26 sporadic groups