The Uses of Adversity: Mercury Retrograde, Part I

Known as “Mercury Retrograde” — From our perspective here on Earth, the orbit of Mercury around the Sun appears to reverse direction approximately three to four times a year, for approximately three weeks at a time. Here is a video showing the geometric reason for the illusion of Mercury’s backward motion (around the Sun). It took … Read more

The Uses of Adversity: Mercury Retrograde, Part II

Mercury's Labyrinthine Orbit

Popularly known as “Mercury Retrograde” — the illusion of Mercury’s apparent backward motion (around the Sun) is explained again in this second video posted above.  It demonstrates the geometric reason for this apparent reversal of direction.  From our perspective here on Earth, as we circle the Sun in our wider orbit, Mercury appears to reverse … Read more

Torus, Rising

Poetry & Spirituality Torus, Rising                                                                                      Marjorie Partch, 2003 I like the way he talks … Read more

Sample New Moon Updates From 2009

JUNE 22 ~ JULY 20, 2009 You don’t want to blink with this NEW MOON’s high-tension power tool in your hands, especially with a culmination deadline like July 7’s fast-forward Full Moon Eclipse. June 22 brings the Solstice’s annual oomph to seeds planted in family/home-oriented Cancer, in exact Opposition to powerful Pluto in career-minded Capricorn, … Read more

Original Essay on D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson, 2002

A Critical Essay on the Classic 1917 Tome by D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson — On Growth and Form — Originally Anthologized in the 2002 Volume of the College Text Nonfiction Classics for Students, Published by the Gale Group. Marjorie Partch is a Jungian astrologer, writer, and graphic designer. In this essay, she considers Thompson’s interdisciplinary approach to the … Read more

A Jungian (Archetypal) Approach to the Astrology of Love

JUNGIAN ASTROLOGY teaches us to think like interpersonal anthropologists, exploring what makes ourselves and others tick, with less judgment and greater compassion. Our intimate relationships introduce us to the foreign culture of another’s inner Universe, while reflecting our own. Astrology is a spiritual telescope, illuminating both inner “night skies.” When evaluating a couple’s “compatibility,” many … Read more

How Can Archetypal Astrology Support You on Your Spiritual Path?

How Can Archetypal Astrology Actually Enhance Your Free Will on Your Spiritual Path? When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It. –  Yogi Berra Rinpoche Rather than merely predicting your future, following some kind of pre-programmed “default mode,” the true power of a consultation with a qualified Archetypal or Jungian Astrologer lies … Read more